LIKHITA GALVO INDUSTRIES has always been on the cutting edge of metal corrosion protection .We provide stat-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing and high performance architectural finishes for ANY metal substrate steel(uncoated steel).Our value added processes will enhance the look of any project while providing long-term corrosion protection. LIKHITA GALVO addresses the requirement for “Green” building and is recommended for those projects where the LEED standards are required. A unique blend of special high grade zinc which is virtually lead-free and other earthly metals combined with processing systems dedicated to maximizing the aesthetic of the steel product makes this an ideal choice for decades of corrosion protection and long-lasting good looks. LIKHITA uses as series of alloying elements designated to increase the toughness of the coating. It is harder than typical galvanizing. Since galvanizing is a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the steel, in some cases it is 200% harder than the steel being coated. Likhita Galvo is one of the Biggest Galvanizing bath in Hyderabad. KETTLE SIZE: 8.2Mtr Length x 1Mtr Width x 1.5Mtr Depth
Our Objective is to become a global leader in Tower Manufacturing and help our clients to improve efficiency and business profitability.

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